Hydraulic Centrifuge Stands

Apex pioneered the invention of the first hydraulic centrifuge oilfield stand. The centrifuge is set up in the lower travel position prior to lifting into the desired working position, making this stand safe, efficient and economical.

Hydraulic Centrifuge Stands Hydraulic Centrifuge Stands

The concept and design of this fail-safe hydraulic system was engineered with specific goals in mind, such as:

  • Eliminate safety hazards, for example, suspended loads
  • Enable ease of use with no harnesses needed and no fall arrest equipment required
  • Elimination of trip hazards with and stair accessibility and proper lighting to enable clear vision
  • Cost reduction – minimize transportation costs, picker truck not required, reduced rig up time, no matting required

Available Options:

  • Single V300/V400 Hydraulic Stand
  • Single V2/V3 Hydraulic Stand
  • Double V2/V3 Hydraulic Stand
  • Double V300/V400 Hydraulic Stand with Shale Bin
  • Double V2/V3 Hydraulic Stand with Shale Bin


  • Set up at lower travel position
  • Platform is hydraulically raised and lowered
  • Working at heights is eliminated
  • Engineered stairways with hand-rails for support
  • High pressure pilot operated check-valves
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders


  • Single load (centrifuge, stand & pump)
  • No picker truck required (to raise or lower centrifuge)
  • Cold weather rated
  • Lighting on all levels
  • Power – 480V, 30amp 3 phase
  • No need for matting