Water and Environmental Technologies 

(W.E.T. Division)

Apex Water & Environmental Technologies has a variety of products available for handling wastewater for both conventional and non-conventional industries.


Wastewater Treatment Units

Apex offers an exceptional wastewater treatment system that can be adapted to handle your needs.  Our ability to not only meet, but exceed municipal discharge requirements is a demonstration of our Environmental Stewardship.

Apex holds a Variance which allows us to treat up to 100-person camp/accommodations.

800 – Gallon Low Profile Wastewater Tanks

Our low profile wastewater tanks are best suited for lower volume wastewater jobs.  Power requirement is only necessary for winter months for winterizing of piping.

800 Gallon Sewage Tank

3000 – Gallon Skidded Wastewater Tanks

10’ x 24’ skidded building with two 1500-gallon storage tanks.  Storage tanks are equipped with high level alarms with an outside beacon.

2 – load lines

1 – discharge port

30amp service


125KW Twin Pack Generator with Wastewater Holding

The twin pack generator with wastewater holding is an excellent option for versatility in power generation with having three products in one building.

50’ L x 10’.6” W x 9’.4” H

2 – 125kw Generators

400 – Gallon Fresh Water Storage

3000 – Gallon Wastewater Storage Capability

Industrial Restroom

4000 watts of light tower lighting

2222L – Fuel Tank

GPS Monitoring Available

Twin pack

Fresh Water/Wastewater

Our combination Fresh Water/Wastewater units, which include an industrial bathroom are a great solution for customers who require a freshwater supply and a wastewater solution.

44’.4” L x 8’.6’ W x 10’.2’ H

208V 100a 4w/4p

4000 Gallon Fresh Water Storage

4000 Gallon Wastewater Storage

LED lights located over doors

LED warning lights

2 – 208V 30amp twist loc receptacles

8 – 120V heat trace receptacles

GPS Monitoring Available




Twin Pack Generator with Wastewater Treatment