Wellsite Accommodation

Leaders in Innovative Wellsite Accommodations, Work Spaces and Specialty Trailers

Apex offers modern, fully equipped wellsite accommodations, workspaces and specialty trailers. Not only do we have the largest fleet in Canada, but also our entire fleet is comprised of high quality, high specification units built by leading Alberta manufacturers. Apex’s wellsite accommodations have the lowest average age in the industry. Our attention to detail and reliable maintenance programs guarantee an extremely comfortable accommodation and efficient workspace experience for drilling, production, completions and construction activities.

Why Choose Apex Wellsite Accommodations?

Sourcing your wellsite accommodations from Apex delivers distinct advantages; the biggest one being “a home away from home for your people”.

  • With wellsite accommodations, age is important and we have the lowest average age in the industry.
  • Newly built wellsite accommodations guarantee low maintenance and high quality
  • 12 strategically located branches offering 24/7 service
  • Capabilities to design and supply custom-made wellsite accommodations for specific projects with leading Alberta manufacturers

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