Fluid Management Solutions

Sustainable Fluid Management

We take great pride in being a total solutions provider for fluid control equipment and services.

Perfecting the removal of solids from drilling fluids can mean the difference between success and failure when drilling highly complex and ever more expensive wells.

Our proven solutions provide a wide range of plant and fluid management services that increase efficiency; reduce production down time; reduce the risk of unscheduled process stoppages; reduce reliance on labour; and ensure compliance with strict HS&E requirements.

Inlet Tank

We design and operate fluid management solutions that improve performance and reduce costs through the efficient removal of drilled solids. Just as importantly, our new generation fluid management solutions considerably minimize environmental impacts.

Recovering more drilling fluid and recycling water is core to our business. Apex offers innovative, competitive solutions that deal with these issues and manage the entire fluid program.

All of Apex’s Fluid Management Solutions are designed to remove solids and condition drilling fluid in order to:

  • Prevent drilling problems
  • Maximize separation efficiency
  • Remove low gravity solids
  • Reduce fluid costs and
  • Minimize waste, thereby reducing overall drilling costs

As a total solutions provider, Apex is strongly committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance and the protection of the environment.