We Help Our Customers Make Sustainable Choices

We are an environment-conscious company with a strong focus on sustainability. Meaning the long-term maintenance and stewardship of environmental, economic, and social responsibilities are accomplished.

Our Purpose

Apex aims to contribute to overall reduction in our industry’s environmental footprint through innovative applications, processes and equipment. We help our customers make sustainable choices so that they can balance their social, financial and environmental objectives.

Working Towards Sustainability

Key Apex initiatives that enhance the ability of our customers to achieve their sustainability goals are:

  • Our advanced technologies maximize the recovery of fluids thereby reducing water consumption.
  • We regulate, manage and document fluid movement and recovery to refine recycling rates to lessen the environmental impact.
  • Our hands-on experience as a solutions provider has given us a strong understanding of each step in the fluid recycling process for a diverse range of projects.
  • Through ongoing research and development, we continue to innovate and add new ideas to streamline processes and increase efficiency in every project.
  • We help minimize the environmental impact of our customers’ activities by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.

Our team provides sustainable solutions for fluid management processes to increase efficiency; reduce production down time; reduce the risk of unscheduled process stoppages; reduce reliance on labour; and help comply with strict Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.